A Guide to Cartier Jewelry

They say perfection takes time, and Cartier sure has had a lot of that. This world renown jewelry company was first established way back in 1847 in Paris. Throughout the years it spread throughout Europe, and actually became the official jewelry provider for King Edward VII (quite the sponsorship to have, especially back in the day). By 1917, the company had officially expanded to the United States where it remains a powerhouse jewelry company to this day. Here is a brief overview of what makes Cartier and its jewelry such a key player in the industry and a highly sought after item selling at auctions in Dania Beach and all over the world.

Catering to Celebrities

One of the most sure fire ways to get your product in the eyes of millions of people is to get celebrities to publicly wear them. That way their vast group of adoring fans will have their eye on your product, whether they know it or not. This is something that Cartier realized early on and was able to successfully accomplish. Their jewelry has been worn by several major public figures over the last 150 years, including King Farouk of Egypt, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly, among others.

The Clock Connoisseurs 

Cartier was quick to dominate the watch industry early on in their career. The jewels incorporated into their ornamental clocks were considered by many to be some of the best around. In fact, their jewels were so popular by the early 20th century that at the coronation of King George V, 19 of the tiaras worn in the ceremony were Cartier products. Other later clock products from Cartier, such as the “Tank watch” in 1917 and “The Egyptian Temple Gate Clock” in 1927 would make massive waves in the jewelry market, and the Egyptian clock would later go on to sell for $1 million at auction.

Significant Styles

Without a doubt, one of the most popular products from Cartier is their clocks and watches, but over the years they’ve also caught the public’s attention with their unusual and commonly recognized style of other jewelry. One of their signature styles is the panther theme jewelry that was first created in the 1920s. It was slow to gain popularity but became big once the Duke of Windsor requested a panther themed brooch for his wife.

 Another one of their majorly popular styles is the 1920’s tutti-frutti themed jewelry that was the result of Jacques Cartier taking a trip to India in search of jewels. Several decades later, the “love” collection from the ’60s and ’70s became massively popular and was promoted by many famous couples.