How Piaget Is Breaking Records For Thinness

Piaget has always been at the forefront when it comes to timepieces, but rarely do we get to see a piece in action that actually breaks a record. Such was the case recently when Piaget put forward not one, but two pieces that managed to take new levels of thinness forward: the Altiplano Ultimate Concept and the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P.

At only 4.3mm of thickness, the Altiplano Ultimate 910P managed to be the thinnest mechanical watch in the world. The Altiplano Ultimate Concept, at only 2mm of thickness, is now the world’s thinnest mechanical hand-wound watch. Putting together the Concept was the end result of four years of research. CEO of Piaget Chabi Nouri mentioned that the goal of Piaget was never to break the record to try and get a place in history, but to try and push “the boundaries of creativity.”

In order to hit this creativity limit, the experts at Piaget had to completely re-engineer how the dial and caliber fit inside the watch case. The entire process necessitated the filing of five separate patents. For example, with the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate 910P Automatic, Piaget redesigned the regulating organ at 9 o’clock. This meant getting rid of the balance wheel bridge and fusing the inner ring, the roller, and balance staff all into one piece.

To continue the innovation with this watch, Piaget designed a new barrel, placing it at 6 o’clock This has no cover or drum, instead attaching the ball-bearing mounted mainspring to the frame of the watch. Another new control device has been added at 3 o’clock. This uses a control stem and selection lever to control certain functions.

Other watch lines that are taking advantage of this new technology include the Possession line. One new quartz-powered Possession line for women features rotating bezels combine with interchangeable straps. Nouri mentioned how the goal here was to combine “the Piaget savoir-faire with the gem-setting, gold craftsmanship.” The also adds that the rotating dancing ring adds an element of playfulness that you may not see elsewhere. “It has a playfulness to it, with the rotating dancing ring.”

Piaget is a stalwart as far as watches go, and in many cases, there’s a reason to seek out both the classic designs as well as some of the newer options on the table like the Altiplano Ultimate Concept and the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P. To try and claim these and other Piaget pieces for your own, be sure to visit an auction house in Fort Lauderdale and see what is up for auction.