Integrating Art In to Your New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting time. Not only is it a new property, and perhaps the first one of your own, but it is also a new neighborhood for you to check out, new people for you to meet and, in many ways a refresh on life and your day to day routine. One of the most exciting parts about moving though is getting to decorate. You have a blank slate that you get to work with and turn into your own, finely crafted canvas, with everything just as you want. Head to one of the art auction houses in Dania Beach to find yourself some classy pieces and then integrate them into your home.

Choose a Theme

Many people opt to decorate a room based on a central theme or trend that they would like to adopt. This can either be throughout the whole home or just that room. For example, some people choose a Hamptons theme, whereby they focus on a lot of white furniture and accessories, keeping the rooms lightly colored and steering clear of bold, overpowering furniture and decorative pieces. In a case like this, it becomes an ideal opportunity to purchase a painting or piece that can act as a focal point of the room. Choose something to hang on the wall that will catch the attention of everyone who enters and become a conversational piece.

Stay Unique

When you are starting from a fresh slate, you have the opportunity to create a unique series of decorative trends that are all your own. You can purchase unique and one of a kind decorative pieces, including sculptures, paintings, hand-crafted glass and much more. Avoid falling into trends that are currently being adopted by everyone, and instead, focus on staying unique and offering your own preferences and personality through the decorative angle you choose and the unique artistic pieces you choose.

Be Limited

One of the best ways to stay unique is to head to an auction to purchase a limited edition piece or purchase an early edition piece. For example, there are many Andy Warhol paintings that were not replicated in high volumes and should you be able to get your hands on one, this would be a great addition to your home. Many people, in fact, choose to decorate a room based on the unique, limited piece they find, wanting to make sure that it is noticeable and appreciated.

Don’t revert to normal, boring decorative practices for your new home. There are so many fun and creative ways to integrate exciting artificial pieces and limited edition paintings into your decorating style, so give it some thought before you dive in.