Third-Party Shippers

Following are referrals for outside shipping services. Please contact them directly for information and quotes.


We’ve helped countless clients understand the value of their assets and make something of it. Purchasing and providing the sale and appraisal of fine home furnishings, jewelry, and art properties, Joshua Kodner Galleries exhibits the essential qualities of a high-end, quality purveyor. We’re on call 24 hours a day to serve you whenever you need! Since 1940, the Kodner name has remained a standard of excellence in the world of auctions and antiques. Today, that very same legacy lives on through the work of Joshua Kodner. Representing the family business’ fourth generation, Mr. Kodner is a certified gemologist, certified appraiser and auctioneer. His expertise is in the purchase sale and appraisal of fine home furnishings and art properties. From property auctions and appraisals, to estate liquidation and sales, Joshua Kodner Galleries is proud to be able to assist you.