Understanding Selling Art

When it comes to selling sought-after art pieces by talented artists like Andy Warhol or Leo, there is a bit more involved than simply creating an online ad. And while you could indeed advertise on Facebook Marketplace, and no doubt have some interested buyers, the art is far more valuable than this and deserves to be treated with that degree of respect in the selling process. Here is what you should do instead.

Arrange for Valuation

A valuation is when you have a professional evaluator come and look at your art, and let you know how much it is worth and how much you would expect to receive in a sale. This is typically what individuals do in advance of an auction, and auction appraisals in Fort Lauderdale are a reliable way to learn how much you can expect your art to sell for when it gets bids and is on the market.

Make Plans for Selling

While an auction is one of the most common methods of sale after an individual has the work valued, there are also other options. Some people choose to pursue a private sale, where they have an interested buyer and they tell the buyer the cost of the piece based on the evaluation. Other people choose to sell the art to a museum or gallery, especially if it is by a particularly famous artist, is an original edition or is part of an exhibit that the gallery is going to be offering.

Attend Sale

Whether or not you choose to sell your art an auction, it is advantageous to attend some of these selling events. Attending one gives you an idea on how they work, including how the art is offered to interested buyers to look at and decide their bid; how the selling process itself works from when the bids start to when the final bidder is awarded the piece, and finally, to get an idea of the atmosphere and excitement that surrounds an art selling event and how great it is to be a part.

Reach Out

Finally, remember that you may have to do a bit of sales work on your end when it comes to selling your piece. This is where attending events can be beneficial: you can tell people at the event about the piece you are selling, but you can also network with them and create relationships, such that you have people to reach out to later should you have additional sales you are looking to pursue. Knowing the right people in the business can make all of the difference!

The next time you are ready to sell your art, reach out to a professional for a valuation to start and then use this information to help you out.