5 Reasons to Love Buccellati Jewelry

It is a given that any luxury jewelry enthusiast is probably already familiar with the name Buccellati.

The legendary house founded over a century ago by Mario Buccellati back in 1919 has earned a reputation for combining masterful artistry with superior craftsmanship to produce the type of exclusive cuts and handmaid favorites that have earned themselves legions of dedicated fans who will flock to an auction house in Palm Beach to get a chance to get their hands on any of these timeless pieces.

1. The Timeless Textures

The name Buccellati is synonymous with innovative textural designs that reflect the signature style of the house founder Mario Buccellati, who used antique-style tools and Renaissance-era techniques to harken to the unabashed love of heavily textured fabrics of yesteryear.

He was famous for having a hand delicate enough to engrave even the tiniest morsels of gold, mobilizing an array of classic techniques that are rarely seen today, and ensuring that these pieces continue to be worth top dollar when selling at auction in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere.

2. That One-Of-a-Kind Buccellati Diamond

In 2019, the epic Milan jewelry house released a 100-year anniversary commemorative Buccellati diamond that truly is a cut above the rest.

Created in collaboration with diamond experts Tache, the stunning piece was nearly a year in the making and is comprised of a whopping 57 facets, this show-stealing square-cut diamond mounted in a flowery bed of four half circles is a diamond-enthusiast’s dream and the ideal complement to any existing Buccelatti work.

3. For the Love of Art

Buccellati jewelry opens up the type of world that classic art aficionados can truly feel at home in, and the cross-over appeal makes these pieces a mainstay at any auction gallery in Dania Beach. The founder, Mario, held for Renaissance-era architecture and art continues to fuel the house’s creative fire, along with a continual dedication to artist collaborations that yield truly one-of-a-kind results.

Take for instance the famous Timeless Blue collection. These five pieces were originally unveiled at the flagship Manhattan store in 2015, and integrate unabashed inspiration from both notable impressionists and post-impressionist works alike, which were, in turn, proudly displayed side by side with the very paintings that inspired the jewelry.

4. The History

Buccellati takes the idea of the family business to a whole new level, being one of the few rare high-end houses that have managed to keep their enterprise family owned across the course of no less than ten decades and four generations.

This means that there is no question that the trademark techniques and textures that define these exquisite pieces have continued to be passed on and kept alive throughout the duration of the revered Milan jewelry house’s existence.

Founded by a 28-year-old upstart named Mario Buccellati back in 1919, this classic Italian boutique quickly developed a reputation for crafting stunning necklaces, cocktail rings and decorative circles that were soon being sported by the who’s-who of Italian high-society elites. He really came onto the scene with at Madrid’s 1920 Exposition with a splash when he promptly shut down a woman who tried to barter him for a discount, tossing the piece out of a window and yelling, “I am not a tradesman!”

He obviously got his point across, because the next day hundreds of people lined up at his booth to come to see what all of the fuss was about. His uncompromising attitude toward unbeatable quality and unrivaled craftsmanship would later earn him the nickname, ‘the Prince of Goldsmiths,’ and he would later go on to open a lavish Fifth Avenue New York City boutique, becoming the first Italian jewelry designer to break through to the Big Apple.

5. Continual Innovation

Buccellati would later be joined in his dedicated practice by his son Gianmaria, who started to apprentice at just 14 years of age. While Gianmaria’s father might have been the prince when it came to working with gold, the younger Buccelli had a particularly gifted hand for diamond design that would soon lead him and the family name to worldwide recognition. Gianmaria would go on to found the Italian Gemological Institute where he sat as president for 25 years. He would later take over the house along with its brothers, opening a new shop in Paris.

Gianmaria would be later succeeded by his son Andrea and his daughter Lucrezia, who is the family’s first female designer. She has brought a contemporary modern sensibility to the house that still maintains the family’s classic signature style.

To date, Buccellati continues to strike that ideal balance between traditional techniques and innovative movement. In 2018, they proved that they were on top of their game with a surprising reveal during the Paris Haute Couture Week that involved a partnership with celebrated social media GGI fashion influencer,  Noonoouri.

While other serious houses might put themselves above collaboration with a virtual character, Buccellati proved that they are serious about embracing the future with this bold move that was designed to appeal to a younger, hipper generation of followers. After all, the house knows that in order to keep their timeless tradition of craftsmanship alive, they have to be ready to move forward, and moving forward they are, as they plunge fearlessly into their second century of operations in style

In the Buccellati project, Noonnoouri made her appearance on a video screen rocking a gorgeous Buccellati Camelia pendant with matching honeycomb earrings, all perfectly set-off with a timeless breezy blue evening gown that stole the show.

Where to Find the Best Buccellati Pieces

When it comes to one-of-a-kind Buccellati finds, an auction gallery in Dania Beach is a great place to start. Catering both to casual jewelry fans and serious collectors, an auction house in Palm Beach is the perfect place for Buccellati-lovers to find rare releases and timeless heirlooms that they need to really complete their collection with the type of investments that will truly pay off.