Why Speaking to a Professional is the Best Thing Auction Sellers Should Do

Prior to listing an item for auction, all buyers should speak to a professional. Whether it is a specialist, a store owner, or an assessor in the field; speaking to one can help give the buyer valuable insight into their item. Not only can they help guide the buyer regarding the listing price, but they can make the process easier. This article highlights all the reasons speaking to a professional is not only necessary, but the best things that sellers should do.

Set Pricing Expectations

One of the most important things that can come from speaking to a trained professional regarding the item you want to place up for sale is to set up a realistic price of the item. Rather than risk setting a price for the good lower than what it is worth, a trained professional will be able to let you know how much the item is worth. This is especially true when speaking to an assessor. That’s because, they will help the seller avoid disappointment if the item fails to sell.

Determine Desirability

Speaking to a professional with prior experience can help you determine how desirable the item is. If the item is not deemed to be desirable, then it likely won’t sell. Knowing this information is vital for sellers who are expecting the item to sell for a high price. As well, knowing this can help to determine where it should be placed given the vast amount of locations available in Palm Beach that do auction appraisals. For example, if the item is a high-end specialty product then it is probably best to place it with a location that carries similar items. Doing this can result in more interest and a higher price for the item.

If there is a Better Time to Sell

Professionals with experience in the industry will be able to help guide you regarding the best time to sell. For certain items, it may make more sense to sell during the holidays when more buyers are looking. This is true for jewelry and clothing. Knowing this information prior to putting your item up for sale can help prevent low interest and low bids.

Tell You Where to Sell It

For some items, this may not be the best avenue for sellers. This is especially true if the item is not expected to get a high price. That’s because, some houses charge holding fees and interest. Rather than wasting costs on this, some buyers may be better off selling at a private sale to save on costs and get a higher price.

What Not to Do at a Live Auction

Live auctions can be intimidating for first-time visitors. That’s because, first-time buyers are often not aware of the process and protocol. Rather than suffer the consequences of not knowing, this article highlights all of the things that bidders should not be doing to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for all.

Wait Until After You’ve Won to Check Pick Up and Delivery

One of the things that first-time bidders forget to do is to check the stipulations surround the pick-up and delivery of the item. If the bidder fails to do this prior to placing their bid, they could be in for a costly surprise. That’s because some delivery fee will be up to the bidder to pay for, which can be costly if they’re transporting from Palm Beach to an auction house across the country. This can be an expensive ordeal if the item is large or delicate. As well, trying to coordinate the move can be stressful. Rather than dealing with these issues after the purchase, all bidders could check the listing prior to bidding to avoid disappointment.

Show Excitement

Bidders that show excitement are at risk of losing in a bidding war. That’s because the more excitement that a bidder shows the more information they are giving away. Other bidders may interpret this excitement as a willingness to over pay. If the others are interested in this item, they may give out a high bid as a way to deter you from the item.

Get into a Bidding War

Bidding wars for items can be intense. Plus, when it is over the winner may find themselves paying more for the item than they initially intended to. First time bidders should avoid getting caught up in the excitement of these wars. As well, they should avoid competing for items they are not particularly interested in which could result in wasted money.

Give Your Maximum Immediately

Giving out the maximum amount that a bidder is willing to pay is a risky scenario. That’s because, if another bid comes in higher, they will be priced out of the sale. Rather, the bidder should begin with an amount less than their maximum. That way, if other bids do come in, the bidder can slowly increase. Plus, if no other bids come in against the initial one, the bidder can feel happy knowing that they did not to reach their maximum budget to buy the item.

Bid on Items You’re Unsure of

If you are unsure of an item, you should avoid placing a bid on it. That’s because it can result in regret and wasted costs if the bid does happen to win. Rather, it is best to seek out items that are worthy of investing in.


Why All Sellers Need to Get an Appraisal on their Item

When selling an item, it is vital to have it appraised. This process is an accurate way to gauge the authenticity, price, and desirability of the item. Despite this, many sellers fail to have their item appraised prior to listing it. But, failing to take this vital step can result in disappointment, and an inaccurate price. This article highlights why all sellers should have their item appraised prior to placing it up for sale.

Determine Price

One of the most vital reasons all sellers should have their item appraised is to help determine the final cost of it. Having the item appraised will let the seller know exactly how much the item is worth. Knowing this information can assist the seller with knowing whether or not it is worthy of being listed. Plus, it can also help to determine how much the item should be insured for.

Spot Defects

A valuation is a great way for the seller to become aware of any possible defects in the item. This can help to determine the final sale price, and if the damage will affect the process. Knowing this information prior to placing your item up for sale can help to limit disappointment if the product sells for less than intended.

Confirm Authenticity

Getting a professional to look at an item can help to determine how authentic it is. Knowing this information can help the seller determine if they are in possession of a replica. If you are in possession of a replica, it can help the seller avoid any sort of disappointment in the final sale price.

Will it Sell

When you have an assessment completed on an item prior to placing it for sale, it can help to provide some insight into how desirable the item is. During the process, the appraiser will let you know if it is a highly sought after item. If not, the seller may be better off holding onto the good or lowering their expectations.

Where to Sell It

Having the item appraised can also help to determine where to sell the item. Given the vast amount of locations in and around Fort Lauderdale, auction appraisals are vital. That’s because, if the item is highly desirable, it will likely be best to sell through this avenue. But, if the item is not as desirable, or worth a lot of money there may be other avenues to consider that would result in a better type of sale. For example, a private sale may be a better option for a lesser valued good as you won’t have to pay additional fees set by the house.

What to Look for In an Auction House

When placing an item up for sale, there are many things to consider. The seller should be sure to research, and pick a reliable location. Otherwise, it can result in stress, wasted commission fees, and a bad experience. Rather than suffer the consequences, this article lists the top things that all sellers should look for prior to listing their item.


One of the things that all sellers should look for when deciding on a location is how reliable it is. In order to see how reliable, they are, sellers should try speaking to other clients who placed their goods with them. When speaking to the prior customers you should ask about how their experience was, and how seamless the process seemed. If there is any negative feedback, it is a sign that sellers should continue on their search.

Quality of Goods

For high-end product that you are interested in selling, try looking to place it at a location that has a similar selection of goods. This can ensure that your item will match with a like-minded buyer. In turn, increasing the chances that the item will sell quickly. As well, this can help to ensure that the price of the item is accurate, and you are not listing the item for less that you intend to.

Favorable Reviews

Prior to deciding on a location, you should research the reviews of it. To do this, you should head online to see what prior customers have to say. If they do not have favorable reviews, it is a sign to look elsewhere to place your item. For example, there are many auction houses in Fort Lauderdale alone, and some of them may not have good reviews.

Large Selection

If the place you decide to go with does not have a large selection of items, it may be best to look elsewhere. Certain locations that do not have a large selection of goods may not be able to bring in customers. This means, you may not be able to sell your item for a price you intended because there may not be able to generate interest.


All locations have set policies. Prior to placing an item with them, you should request from the owner what the requirements are. This can help to avoid any disappointment in the future, as well as any miscommunication.


Selling an item should be a seamless process. If the location you are interested in does not seem convenient, or has a great deal of rules and regulations it is best to look elsewhere.

What are the Best Items to Sell at Auction?

Although auctions offer a variety of goods, there are certain items that do better than others. As an owner, it is recommended to be aware of these items. That way, you can generate interest, and maximize profits. This article highlights all of the best items, and explains why owners can earn the most from them.

High End Merchandise

Any type of high end merchandise is likely to generate a lot of interest. That’s because, buyers typically turn to these locations as a way to access high end products. This will likely increase the interest that your item receives. In turn, when interest increases, so too does the competition among buyers. Meaning, you will likely be able to maximize the profits from the sale. This is especially true when selling at auction in Fort Lauderdale where there are many people bidding.


Artwork is best to be sold through this avenue. That’s because, they will be able to set the price on your behalf, and navigate the sale process to maximize the outcome. Plus, buyers will be drawn to the location without the owner having to put in any work. The house will be able to generate interest through their marketing and work to match your item with a buyer.


Oftentimes, putting up authentic and rare pieces of jewelry is best done at these facilities. They are a great way to maximize profits on a piece of jewelry. That’s because, many people turn to these avenues as a way to purchase jewelry. This means that, putting the item up with a reliable house will likely maximize the amount that you will get for it as there will be plenty of interested parties in it.

Designer Items

Just like with high end style merchandise, any type of designer items is best to send. Designer items such as clothing or jewelry always have a great deal of interest. In turn, resulting in a quick sale of the item.


Another item that typically does well is furniture. This is especially true for items that are unique, or made by a designer. Buyers typically seek out the facility as a way to purchase furniture, which will likely increase the chances of getting a high price for the item.


Items such as collectibles do well at these locations. That’s because, they offer interested parties an opportunity to have access to rare goods. Collectors typically seek out these locations as a means to acquire these goods, which means you will likely receive a great deal of interest in your product which will increase the final price of it.

How to Protect Yourself When Selling at an Auction

When letting go of an item, there are steps that the owner should take to protect themselves. Failing to follow these steps can leave the owner disappointed in the sale, and dealing with additional costs. This article highlights the steps that all owners should take in order to protect their goods and ensure a seamless process.

Have an Appraisal

One of the most vital steps to take prior to placing their item up for sale is to have it appraised. The owner of the time should seek a highly trained professional with prior experience to assess the item. This can help let the owner know exactly how much the item is worth, and protect them from settling for anything less. This can also help to determine how much you should insure the item for. That way, if an accident were to occur the owner can rest assured that they will be fully reimbursed.

Choose the Correct House

Although many people think that all houses are the same, they are not. For example, there are a number of different locations for selling at auction in Fort Lauderdale alone. This means, the owner should take the time to carefully research the house before they place the item with them. Some locations specialize in specific types of good such as jewelry, antiques or art. Knowing this information prior to placing the item is vital in generating interest in the item. As well, you should research how reliable the place is. Knowing this information prior to placing your item with them can help to ensure that the sale process is as seamless as possible.

Set a Reasonable Price

Prior to placing the item for sale, you should set a reasonable amount that you will be willing to get for it. This can help to avoid any disappointment following the sale. That way, the owner does not settle for anything less than what they feel comfortable with.

Only Put Up What You are willing to Part With

People should carefully think about the items they are wanting to give away. They should be sure that they are willing to let go of the item for profit, and no longer are interesting in having it in their home. So, if there is any reluctance in getting rid of the item the buyer should hold onto it to avoid disappointment in the future.

Understand the Terms of the Contact

It is best to fully understand the terms and conditions of the house prior to listing their item. Oftentimes, they require fees and interest rates for placing their item with them. But, failing to understand these additional costs and requirements can result in disappointment following the sale.

What to Look for at an Antique Auction House

Auctions are one of the best places to find high quality items. Not only do they offer consumers reasonable prices, but they provide buyers reliability. Despite this, there are some things to look for when selecting a piece. That’s because, they often carry a variety of goods, which can make it difficult for untrained professionals to spot goods of higher quality. This article highlights all the things that buyers should look for when purchasing pieces.


When looking for a piece, all buyers should consider how original the piece is. These buyers likely are interested in rare and authentic items that stand out. So, if you intend to bid on the item you should make sure it is a piece that fits what you are looking for.


One of the benefits of purchasing an item from these locations are the ability to know the history behind the item. Prior to bidding on a good, you should inquire into the history behind it. Knowing this can help to determine how it was cared for over the years, and where it came from. This information can impact the final price of the item and indicate if there may be any hidden defects or issues with it.


Prior to placing a bid on an item, you should be sure to assess the quality of the piece you are interested in. Assessing the quality of the piece means that you should look for any possible defects in it. Be sure to look for scuffs, scrapes or loose items that could result in a large issue in the future. This can also impact the final price of the object, and help to determine how much you should invest in it. Plus, spotting any damages prior to purchasing can help to guide your decision on bidding.

Potential Price

When browsing the items that will be placed up for sale, you should consider how much the final price of the item will go for. Knowing this information prior to placing a bid can help to set a realistic expectation for what the final selling price will be. This information can help to indicate whether or not you will be able to afford the item.


It is best to assess the possible interest in the item. This is especially true in busy, or high traffic antique auction houses such as Dania Beach. If you know that an item is going to generate a lot of interest, this will likely result in a higher bidding price and fierce competition. Knowing this prior to placing a bid and attending can get you prepared for competition.

Why You Should Sell Your Goods at Auction

There are many reasons that people choose to let go of their goods at auctions. Oftentimes, they offer a reliable place for people to maximize their profits, and avoid any disappointments that can come from private sales. As well, they offer a solution for people in need of an avenue for high-end goods. This article highlights all of the benefits of putting an item up for sale, and why more should try it.

Sense of Urgency

Unlike other methods, these facilities give consumers a sense of urgency when purchasing the item. This means that the item will likely be sold quickly. As opposed to private sales, galleries, or stores, customers may not feel a sense of urgency to show interest. That’s because, the potential buyer may feel like the item will still be available when they decide to buy. But, these facilities make the interest in the item be known, which can speed up the sale process.

Competition amongst Buyers

When letting go of an item, competition amongst buyers is recommended. That’s because, competition can drive up the price amongst bidders who don’t want to lose out on an item. This is especially true in heavily populated areas such as Fort Lauderdale where they see plenty of auction selling.

Set Terms and Conditions

These locations are a great avenue for people who want to set out specific terms and conditions on their item. Doing this, can be hard in a private sale where the owner of the item has to navigate and manage the sale on their own. But, the owner will have access to assistance with this avenue. This means, that the owner of the item can be guided through the process to ensure the terms and conditions regarding the sale are reasonable. This can help to eliminate any surprises along the way, or disappointment from a sale that did not go according to plan.

Price Protection

Unlike other sale avenues, owners will be able to set a minimum price for the good. Other types of stores may pressure people into accepting a lower price than they are willing to take. But, the house will only begin bids on the item at the lowest price you agreed upon.

Marketing to Buyers

These facilities will be able to handle all of the marketing of the item. Relying on yourself to do this in a private sale can be difficult as you will not have access to the same resources or buyers that the house has. But, this can eliminate the worry of trying to find interest parties. As well, the owner won’t have to do any of the work for this.

What to Know About Buying Jewelry at an Auction

When buying at an auction, there is much to consider. This article highlights everything that buyers need to know about purchasing, and how to ensure they get the item they are interested in.

Always Register Early

If you are interested in bidding on a piece, you should be sure to register early. Rather than wait for spots to be filled, or risk missing the deadline, it is always best to register as soon as you know you will be bidding on an item. Not doing this early could leave you disappointed. This is especially true because it is such a highly covered item. This means, it will most likely have another eager buyer waiting to purchase.

Be Patient

Rather than making a bid on an item as soon as it comes up, you should wait to find the perfect piece that you are interested in. Not only should you be patient during the bidding process, but you should carefully check and visit multiple locations. This will make sure you are getting the piece that is right for you and from impulsive spending on other items.

Assess the Quality

The quality of items that can be found vary. To ensure that the piece you are interested in you should be sure to carefully assess the gemstone, condition, and material that it is made from. Inspecting the piece prior to purchasing the item can help to determine how much should realistically be spent on it. As well, it can help to spot the items of lesser quality. In turn, helping to narrow down the search for a piece worth investing in.


As mentioned above, jewelry is a common item placed for sale. This is especially true for jewelry auctions in Dania Beach where most have a constant stream of new pieces to select from. So, rather than looking at one location, you should be sure to check multiple locations for goods. It is also recommended to check back to a particular location frequently as they may have replenished their stock or gotten in new pieces.

Learn about the History

One of the major draws is to know the history behind the piece you are purchasing. This can give you a wonderful story to tell about the piece. As well, it can help to identify how the item was treated, the era that it was designed in, and who it was worn by. Knowing this information can be a major draw for consumers who are looking for information behind their goods.


How to Bid at a Live Auction

Although auctions are a great way for consumers to find high end pieces, many are intimidated by the process. But, the process is rather simple. This article highlights these simple steps so first time bidders feel comfortable at a live auction in Dania Beach.

Attend the Preview

It is always best to visit the preview beforehand. Visiting the preview is a great way for bidders to familiarize themselves with the items that will be going up. This can help determine interest in the items, and begin to prepare for how much you are willing to spend on it. Doing this, can also help to prevent people from overpaying for an item. That’s because they will have time to think about the purchase, and come up with a reasonable plan of action for how much they can spend. Finally, this can also deter impulse buyers from bidding on items that they may not be interested in afterwards.

Set a Maximum Budget

Prior to bidding on items set a maximum budget. Many first-time bidders may get caught up in the excitement when an item starts accepting bids. This can cause the bidder to gravely overpay for an item, and regret the purchase. But, this disappointment can be avoided if all bidders set a maximum limit to avoid bidding over their amount.

Check Payment Terms

Every item that is placed for sale will come with set terms and conditions in regard to its payment. For certain items, the buyer may need to pay in a lump sum upfront. This can be tricky for buyers who may not have immediate access to all of the funds. So, rather than risk losing out on the item you desire, be sure to carefully read and understand all of the terms and conditions of the purchasing process.

Register a Bidders Card

All bidders will need to register a bidding card prior to placing a bid. If you intend to place a bid on an item, or are even thinking of doing so, you should make sure to register a bidding card prior to entering. Not registering could mean your bid is not valid, and result in a loss of the item.

Begin Bidding as Soon as The Item is Up

Once the item is placed up, and bids begin to be accepted, the process will go fast. Rather than hold back, interested parties should begin bidding as soon as the item is up. As well, these bidders should gradually increase the bidding amounts until they reach their maximum limit. This will indicate to the others that you are interested, and willing to spend on the item.