A Guide to Vintage David Webb Jewelry: How to Spot Real Pieces and Sell Them at Auction Online

David Webb is one of the most influential names in American jewelry due to the high-quality pieces in their collection and the high-status personalities that have word David Webb jewelry throughout the years. This has made vintage David Webb pieces highly sought after making them incredibly valuable. Unfortunately this has also created an opportunity for fakes to make their way into the second hand market.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help you understand your vintage David Webb jewelry better so that you can identify real pieces, avoid replicas, and hopefully turn a profit by selling them at an online auction right here at Joshua Kodner Galleries.

Why David Webb Jewelry Is Sought After

Since 1948, David Webb has been crafting their jewelry in New York to ensure the quality of their pieces as well as to be in proximity to some of their high-status customers. David Webb jewelry has been sported by celebrity clientele such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco, the Rockefellers, and the Vanderbilts. In 1968 commissioned David Webb to make the official Gifts of State. All of this combined has made DW one of the most prestigious names in Jewelry and a highly sought after brand.

Distinguishing Features of David Webb Jewelry

David Webb is well known for their animal-inspired bracelets and earrings that draw inspiration from animal prints, seashells, and garden-themes. Additionally, David Webb pieces are known for their eye-catching geometric shapes and art-deco patterns. Many pieces take the form of animals including zebras, tigers, horses, and giraffes.

Many pieces also take inspiration from patterns and colors seen in the ancient world with several David Webb collections containing bright, colorful patterns, engraved gold, and hand crafted jewelry made with the finest metals and stones. Of course, each piece is made by the best jewelry makers in Manhattan, NY as it has been since 1948.

How to Tell Real David Webb Pieces From Fakes

Let’s say that you find what you believe might be a David Webb piece at an auction or an estate sale. How can you tell if you have an authentic David Webb piece?

You will look for the WEBB hallmark that is on each and every piece. This should be the first indication that the piece you have is real. Generally, this piece will be stamped on the inner side of the jewelry.

Hallmarks can be replicated though, so it is important that you have a professional with experience in authenticating jewelry examine the piece(s) in question to avoid accidentally purchasing or selling a fake.

Let Us Help You

Identifying real and fake jewelry, especially when it comes to a highly-desirable brand, can be difficult for the untrained eye. That is where Joshua Kodner Galleries can help. As a fourth-generation appraisal and auction house in Florida, serving local and international markets, our staff would be happy to examine your David Webb jewelry and let you know exactly what you have and what it may be worth. Since our founding in the 1940s, we have developed a worldwide reputation for excellence in fine jewelry appraisals and auctions. Contact us today.

Sell David Webb at Auction

As well as being able to assist with your next jewelry appraisal, we are also an auction house that can help facilitate the sale of your David Webb jewelry online through one of our multiple online auctions that reach over 700,000 digital subscribers. While we are a Florida auction house, our reach is international and we can help you find the right seller.

Further if you are looking to buy David Webb jewelry online, you can find authenticated pieces right here at Joshua Kodner Galleries. You can rest assured knowing that our staff has evaluated every piece and that you will only find genuine jewelry pieces at our online auctions.