What to Know About Buying Jewelry at an Auction

When buying at an auction, there is much to consider. This article highlights everything that buyers need to know about purchasing, and how to ensure they get the item they are interested in.

Always Register Early

If you are interested in bidding on a piece, you should be sure to register early. Rather than wait for spots to be filled, or risk missing the deadline, it is always best to register as soon as you know you will be bidding on an item. Not doing this early could leave you disappointed. This is especially true because it is such a highly covered item. This means, it will most likely have another eager buyer waiting to purchase.

Be Patient

Rather than making a bid on an item as soon as it comes up, you should wait to find the perfect piece that you are interested in. Not only should you be patient during the bidding process, but you should carefully check and visit multiple locations. This will make sure you are getting the piece that is right for you and from impulsive spending on other items.

Assess the Quality

The quality of items that can be found vary. To ensure that the piece you are interested in you should be sure to carefully assess the gemstone, condition, and material that it is made from. Inspecting the piece prior to purchasing the item can help to determine how much should realistically be spent on it. As well, it can help to spot the items of lesser quality. In turn, helping to narrow down the search for a piece worth investing in.


As mentioned above, jewelry is a common item placed for sale. This is especially true for jewelry auctions in Dania Beach where most have a constant stream of new pieces to select from. So, rather than looking at one location, you should be sure to check multiple locations for goods. It is also recommended to check back to a particular location frequently as they may have replenished their stock or gotten in new pieces.

Learn about the History

One of the major draws is to know the history behind the piece you are purchasing. This can give you a wonderful story to tell about the piece. As well, it can help to identify how the item was treated, the era that it was designed in, and who it was worn by. Knowing this information can be a major draw for consumers who are looking for information behind their goods.


How to Bid at a Live Auction

Although auctions are a great way for consumers to find high end pieces, many are intimidated by the process. But, the process is rather simple. This article highlights these simple steps so first time bidders feel comfortable at a live auction in Dania Beach.

Attend the Preview

It is always best to visit the preview beforehand. Visiting the preview is a great way for bidders to familiarize themselves with the items that will be going up. This can help determine interest in the items, and begin to prepare for how much you are willing to spend on it. Doing this, can also help to prevent people from overpaying for an item. That’s because they will have time to think about the purchase, and come up with a reasonable plan of action for how much they can spend. Finally, this can also deter impulse buyers from bidding on items that they may not be interested in afterwards.

Set a Maximum Budget

Prior to bidding on items set a maximum budget. Many first-time bidders may get caught up in the excitement when an item starts accepting bids. This can cause the bidder to gravely overpay for an item, and regret the purchase. But, this disappointment can be avoided if all bidders set a maximum limit to avoid bidding over their amount.

Check Payment Terms

Every item that is placed for sale will come with set terms and conditions in regard to its payment. For certain items, the buyer may need to pay in a lump sum upfront. This can be tricky for buyers who may not have immediate access to all of the funds. So, rather than risk losing out on the item you desire, be sure to carefully read and understand all of the terms and conditions of the purchasing process.

Register a Bidders Card

All bidders will need to register a bidding card prior to placing a bid. If you intend to place a bid on an item, or are even thinking of doing so, you should make sure to register a bidding card prior to entering. Not registering could mean your bid is not valid, and result in a loss of the item.

Begin Bidding as Soon as The Item is Up

Once the item is placed up, and bids begin to be accepted, the process will go fast. Rather than hold back, interested parties should begin bidding as soon as the item is up. As well, these bidders should gradually increase the bidding amounts until they reach their maximum limit. This will indicate to the others that you are interested, and willing to spend on the item.

What are the Best Items to Buy at Auction?

Auctions offer buyers a great place to find goods. Despite this, there are certain types of items that are best to purchase. This article highlights these items, and explains why these items are best bought from one.


From bracelets to rings, necklaces and more, jewelry is one of the best items to find. Jewelry is also an item that these locations tend to carry a large variety of. This means that buyers will have a change to find, and bid on an item them like. Plus, these items have been carefully selected to be a part of the galley. This ensures that the items are of high quality. Plus, a bidder will be able to know the history of the item including the prior owners, how it was handled, time period it was created in, and more.


When compared to other facilities, private sales art is best to purchase through an auction gallery in Dania Beach. That’s because the prices will be much more reasonable and transparent. Unlike other avenues which may not disclose the price after a sale, bidders are risking paying more than what it is worth. As well, they have carefully vetted the pieces that they carry. This guarantees its authenticity, and gives the buyer insight into the artist that created the piece.

High End Furniture

Many buyers are not aware that houses carry a wide variety of high end furniture. These pieces are often curated by a skilled owner, who selects them based off of their history, quality, design and brand. Oftentimes, these pieces are rare and designed by highly coveted artists. This makes these avenues a great one for buyers looking for collectible pieces or hard to find designs that are hard to come by.


There are many houses that specialize in antiques. This makes it the perfect location to find desirable and rare pieces. Not only will they have a great selection of goods to pick from, but they will be also able to disclose the history behind a particular piece. This can make an item seem much more desirable to consumers, who may not be aware of its significance otherwise.

Decorative Art

High end or specialty pieces are best to be bought from these facilities. These pieces will be unique, and oftentimes are one of a kind. Plus, you will be able to hear about the items history, and artist. As opposed to heading to a store, buyer have a unique opportunity to purchase a decorative piece, instead of a generic item.


How to Sell Your Item at Auction

An auction offers a reliable space for sellers. That’s because they offer sellers a trusted way to match their item with a buyer. But, many do not realize just how simple and reliable the process is. This article highlights the process and what steps someone should take to place an item at auction in Dania Beach.

Have an Appraisal

The first step that a seller should do is to have it appraised. Having an item appraised can help to determine its value. Determining its value can let the individual know how much they will likely receive for it. Plus, an appraisal can also help determine the items authenticity, defects and desirably.

Attend Sales

For sellers who are not familiar with the process, it is a good idea to become accustomed to it by visiting. Doing this, can help to let the person know if they are interested in letting go their item this way. As well, it can be a chance to speak with the owner to ask about their policies, fees and interest.

Document Your Items

Before placing the item up for sale, you should document every aspect of it. To document it, the seller should take photos of the entire piece and be sure to note any defects, scratches or issues. This can help in the long run, and while the item is in the showroom. That’s because, if the item does become damaged, you will have an accurate depiction of how it looked prior.

Negotiate Fees

These facilities will understandably charge a fee for holding the item and finding the right buyer. Prior to sending the item, buyers should speak with the owner to verify. Not doing this prior to placing the item with them may result in costly surprises. As well, speaking may allow for the seller to negotiate fees.

Insure the Items

If the item being placed up is worth a lot of money, it would be best to insure it prior to placing it in the hands of a shop. This can help to take liability away from the owner. Plus, if the item were to become damaged during the process the issue can be fixed, or the owner can be reimbursed.

Understand the Terms

Every house has different terms and conditions. Prior to agreeing to place the item with the house, sellers should carefully read through the contract and be sure to understand all the terms and conditions. That way, they avoid any unexpected surprises or disappointments along the way.


Why Consider an Antique Auction for Your Next Purchase?

Antique auction houses in Dania Beach offer buyers a unique opportunity to explore rare and authentic pieces. These sales often have a greater selection of unique goods and for reasonable prices. Although there are many reasons to visit one this article highlights the top reasons why everyone should consider one for their next purchase.


Oftentimes, these facilities have large quantity of goods. This means, buyers will have a large selection of items to pick from. Not only will there be a large variety of items for buyers to select from, but the items that these houses carry have been carefully chosen. This means, that the items within the house are of high quality. Unlike other types of sales, these facilities only carries rare and unique items. This makes it an ideal choice for consumers who seek something that is one of a kind.

Price Transparency

When compared to private sales (where the final price of the item may not be disclosed), the price will always be known. This means, you can feel comfortable with paying for the item at a price you have decide on. As well, you don’t have to worry about overpaying for a good or being pressured into a sale. These locations do not have pushy sales people, or sneaky sales tactics to get clients to buy. Rather, you can place bids on items you enjoy, and at prices that the bidder feels comfortable with spending.


When the prices of items are transparent, buyers don’t have to worry about overpaying for an item. This means, that buyers will be getting value for the purchase. Buyers won’t need to worry that they are not receiving a good deal, as they will be in charge of paying a price that they feel comfortable with.


These facilities guarantee a piece’s authenticity and quality. As well, if there are any defects in the item, it will be fully disclosed in the items description. Unlike other types of shops, visiting one guarantees the item is a quality piece. Most of the items have been appraised prior to being put up, which ensures it is a quality piece.

Expert Knowledge

Rather than trying to navigate crowded stores or searching online, these facilities have expertly trained professionals on hand at all times. Not only have the items placed up for sale already been expertly vetted and approved, but their expertise will be further used to guide bidders through the purchasing process. This means, bidders will be able to ask questions about the item prior to placing a bid.

The Advantages of Buying at An Auction

There are many advantages to buying directly from an auction. Often times, these facilities have a better selection of pieces when compared to galleries and private sales. This article highlights all the advantages to buying, and why purchasers should consider visiting one of the art auction houses for their next find in Dania Beach.

Transparent Prices

One of the major benefits of purchasing masterpieces from this avenue is the transparent prices. Prior to purchasing the item, you will have an idea for how much it will go for. Compared to private sales the buyer may not know the price prior to approaching the seller. This can be disappointing for buyers who like the piece, but may be discouraged by the price of it. This is also true for gallery sales, where the price is kept private, and other buyers never know the final price that the piece went for.

Market Comparable

Unlike gallery sales, these facilities allow public availability in prices once the piece is sold. This allows for the market to dictate the price, rather than the private seller. This can ensure that interested parties are not overpaying for a piece.

Simple Process

The process of purchasing from this avenue is simple. This is especially true when compared to galleries, or private sales where you will need to handle coordinating contracts and negotiating prices. That’s because, the price will be set, and decided on depending with what the buyer feels comfortable with. As well, they can help to guide the buyer through the process. This means, there will be no questions or confusions about the next steps of the purchase. In turn, making it a seamless process that all parties involved can enjoy.

Timeless Pieces

Oftentimes, they have a great selection of pieces to pick from. Because they are the first choice for many sellers, they typically carry a large variety of pieces to pick from. This is ideal for buyers who many not be sure as to what piece they want. As well, they are selective in the pieces they choose. Meaning, you can guarantee you will be receiving a high quality and authentic piece regardless of the item you choose.

Ability to Set Your Price

When visiting, you will be able to set the amount that you feel comfortable spending. Unlike other types of sales such as galleries or private deals you won’t feel pressured into overpaying for an item. Bidders are able to pull out, at their own accord regardless of the piece that they are bidding on


Centuries of Prestigious Collections

Estates are fascinating, each visit reminisces another period in time throughout humanity.

Visiting estates where treasures can be found & stories can be heard is the heart beat to the life of our community.

Joshua Kodner is pleased to feature collections of fine art, jewelry, antiquities & collectibles from estates with centuries of prestigious collections from all over the globe.

We invite you to browse our catalog & bid with us this Saturday September 22nd at 11am EST.

Auction Highlights:

Dale Chihuly Radiant Yellow Persian Art Glass Sculpture Pair, Circa 1985

Dale Chihuly is a brilliant American art glass sculptor who has been crafting exquisite abstract blown glass pieces throughout the late 20th century to present.

Chihuly has created more than a dozen well-known series of works, among them, Cylinders and Baskets in the 1970s; SeaformsMacchiaVenetians, and Persians in the 1980s; Niijima Floats and Chandeliers in the 1990s; and Fiori in the 2000s.

Chihuly’s largest permanent exhibit can be found at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Chihuly maintains two retail stores in partnership with MGM Resorts International. One is located at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip, the other at the MGM Grand Casino in Macau.

Picasso “Jacqueline, Le Femme Aux Des” Original Lithograph

Pablo Picasso is one of the world’s most renown painter and print maker who revolutionized western art throughout the early to mid 20th century.

“Jacqueline”  was best known as the muse and second wife of Pablo Picasso.

Their marriage lasted 11 years until his death, during which time he created over 400 portraits of her, more than any of Picasso’s other loves.

This piece is hand signed & edition 33/100 world wide. Circa: 1958.

Erte “Two Vamps” Deco Bronze Sculpture

Romain de Tirtoff was a Russian born French artist known by the pseudonym Erte who is referred to as the “King of Art Deco Design”.

Erte was a 20th-century artist & designer in an array of fields, including fashion, jewelry, graphic arts, sculptures, costume & set design for film, theatre, opera, & interior decor.

The “Two Vamps” sculpture reunites the intoxicating beauty of ‘La Pretensieuse’ and the ‘Seductress’, first seen in Erte’s 1929 ‘Folies Bergeres of Paris’.

In Erte’s own words: “Pretension often precedes seduction.” Each figure is adorned in sumptuous gold leaf with deco motifs inspired by all the ancient worlds.

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