The Benefits of Buying and Selling Sapphire Gems at Auction

Sapphires are beautiful gemstones that many people love. They make a great choice against silver or white gold, but even as loose stones they are also a good investment vehicle. The private auction market has been dealing with gems and precious jewelry for years, helping people buy and sell items for collecting and investing purposes. They also often have the inside connections to better quality items and customers, which means both buyers and sellers alike can benefit from going through a jewelry auction house.

Sapphires aren’t as rare as some gems so they may not garner top pricing, even in an auction setting, but they will be priced fairly and accordingly. Plus, they will come with the reputation of the auction house to back them up, giving people more peace of mind than if they were going to buy from a private seller. For everyone, the fees are nominal and only designed to ensure that the house is paid for its efforts in the transaction.

Listing and curating collections, managing and hosting auctions, and tracking down specialty requests are all services that are provided by auction houses, but not for free. Like anything, working with these professionals comes with a cost. The good news is that it’s almost always worth it.

Buying Gems at Auction
The best part of buying gems in an auction setting is knowing that the best and most valuable gems are going to be found here. Sapphires are less rare than other gemstones, so they can easily be purchased at local jewelers or from other private collections. However, the best of the best will only be found in the auction setting. Plus, it can be a great way to get access to a fully curated collection of gems and jewelry where people might find more items that they want to add to their collection.

Buying at auction allows people to gain access to gems that otherwise might never see the resale market, including those from private estates and big-time collectors who are liquidating their personal inventory. Plus, for those who are new to the world of investing in gems or collecting them for any reason, having that professional expertise at hand can be quite invaluable.

Those who want to buy a specific type of gem or start an investment collection will find a good selection at local auction houses, both in person and online. The great thing is that they will also get plenty of information and assistance along the way, as well. These organizations understand the importance of providing people the best resources and they know their stuff when it comes to gems, so they can even be tasked with helping find specific items or gems for purchase.

Selling Sapphire Stones
There are several options as to where to sell sapphires and other gems, but they are not all created equally. Those in a desperate situation might even be tempted to go to a pawn shop, but that’s the last place to take rare and precious gems. These places are in the business of profit and while they seem like they want to offer a fair value, they never want to pay a penny more than they have to so that they can increase their profits.

When it comes to jewelry, most pawn shops offer pennies on the dollar, making it hardly worthwhile because typically people only get a fraction of what the item is actually worth. Selling privately can also be a hassle and take too much work. Plus, it doesn’t offer the reputability of working with an auction house, which can help people feel more secure in this kind of transaction.

If someone is looking to buy a sapphire that is worth thousands of dollars, it would make sense that they aren’t comfortable doing it directly from a private seller when auction houses are available to back up the item, prove its authenticity and value, and make sure that buyers and sellers alike get the best value in their transaction. Plus, they will have much rarer collections available and offer more investment-quality pieces, putting the pieces for sale in a whole new light.

Leave the Hard Work to the Pros
Perhaps the biggest reason that anyone works with an auction house, or should, is because of the professional expertise and experience. These teams are made up of people who understand markets like precious gems and jewelry. They know how to get the best interest in various collections, and they often have connections to buyers and sellers who are waiting for the exact right opportunity to buy or sell a sapphire or some type of gemstone.

The auction team can also help people decide just how valuable a gem is and whether it is worth the purchase or sale. They will be able to keep up with current market trends, and can even help find specialty buyers or sellers when someone has a specific request. Their collections are constantly changing and updating, giving people more chances to connect with things like precious gems than in another setting.

Jewelry can be a great investment, as can loose gemstones like the sapphire. However, whether people are buying to have an asset or a piece of jewelry or they are selling to make a profit on their investment, it has to be done in the right way. Generally, of all of the options, an auction house makes the most sense and offers the best benefits.

People don’t have time to sell their own jewelry and gems, let alone the knowledge to find buyers or sellers and ensure that the prices are fair. It’s a complex market and it is always easier to leave it to the pros by working with a professional auction house. The benefits are plentiful and the chances of finding better gems or buyers for the gems being sold are much higher. When it comes to gems and precious stones, the auction market is definitely a good place to go.