Daum Crystal Collections

The Timelessness of Daum

Cristallerie Daum located in Nancy, France produces the finest glass and crystal designed and crafted by world-renowned artisans. The timelessness of Daum is evident in the etched designs, gilt flowers, cameo and hand-blown glass designed by the artists. Works from Daum are all signed on the side or bottom of the piece.

Daum artisans living in the late 18th and early 19th century reflected the changing world of art, as life in Europe moved between peace, war, and rebuilding the country. Like Salvador Dali’s clock, glass and crystal designs of Art Nouveau, Modernism, and Art Deco moved timelessly into the 20th and 21st century as seen in the piece Daumot 163, a vibrant blue crystal robot designed by Kriki reflecting the ever-changing world of technology, his passion for robotics, and expression of Free Figurative Art.

The Floral Universe

The Floral Universe of Daum derives inspiration from the deserts, mountains, forests, tropics, fields, and oceans. The beauty of multilayered glass in the Borneo Collection comes from the tropical forests of the island. Muted green, brown, and yellow leaves reflect light as it passes through each layer. The natural swirling of the leaves as they rest one upon another create a sense of motion. Within this universe, the natural desert, filled with varieties of green cactus, is recreated. The detail of the prickly pear with its flattened shape and tiny clumps of thorns captures the biology of the endless desert. The blooming of red flowers heightens the beauty of the various shades of translucent green cacti.

The Jungle Collection combines flora and fauna. Following the creativity found in Art Nouveau, the lines in the vases and bowls of the Jungle rise and swirl. Fragile birds perch on the edges, the carnation pink of their heads and periwinkle blues of their bodies and tail feathers remain poised to take flight. The realism and natural energy of life is evident in the artist’s rendition of birds on the brink of extinction.

The Animal Universe

The Animal Universe of Daum is inclusive of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish, and the mythical dragon. The Amber Cheetah by Jean-Francois Leroy is a sculpture that uses light combined with varying depths of color that capture the energy of the cheetah. The legs and tail of the animal are translucent, appearing weightless and ready to respond, while the head and lower body are darker and fixed, encapsulating the cat’s energy. The Black Cheetah is strikingly different from the Amber Cheetah. The singular black color brings depth to the beauty and grace of the sculpture. It is an exhibition of the animal’s power, determination, and strength. The Black Cheetah and Amber Cheetah are limited editions.

The elephant sculptures by Jean-Francois Leroy are both fun and decorative. Created in combinations of colors, collectors can find one to fit within a variety of decors. Mini baby elephants sit passively in colors of amber & grey, pink, or blue and weigh 1.8 pounds. The adult elephants, standing or walking with trunks held high above their heads, are molded in amber, black, white, and green amber. The sculptures come in various sizes and weigh between 2.2 pounds and 26.5 pounds. The White Elephant is a numbered edition.

Umberto Nuzzo’s XL Manta Ray is mounted on a base of mirrored, polished, stainless steel, which keeps it suspended in the air. Umberto Nuzzo with his passion for photography undoubtedly captured a ray in its flight through the water. Nuzzo’s Manta Ray 375 ex is a beautiful blue crystal reminiscent of the crystal blue color of the Caribbean. The Manta Ray is a wonderful addition for collectors of beautiful crystal, especially to a lover of the seas.

The Horoscopes from Daum make a perfect birthday gift. Dog Chinese Horoscope is amber and weighs .66 lbs. 2018 & 2030 are the years of the dog. Dragon Chinese Horoscope is a beautiful light blueish-green crystal. It weighs .44 lbs. 2012 & 2024 are years of the dragon. Rooster Chinese Horoscope is multicolored. The rooster’s head is orange and amber flowing into a green body and tail with feathers combining all of the rooster’s colors. It weighs .44 lbs. 2017 & 2029 are years of the rooster. There are numerous horoscope sculptures within the collection.

Cats and kittens are independent and delightful. Starting a collection with kittens is a wonderful introduction into the world of Daum. Younger people delight in the antics of cats. Mini Kitten in Amber, bowed in a playful pose, is a slight .132 lbs. The amber color in this tiny sculpture fills it with a sense of joy. Amber & Grey Cat lies on top of the fish tank in an attempt to reach the fish beneath it. Kittens is a sculpture of two cats, one black and one amber with paws around each other symbolizing the love found within the animal kingdom.

Jewelry Collections

Daum jewelry is exquisitely designed. The Destin Collection is a delicate four-leaf clover of jade green crystal mounted in a bracelet, ring, or necklace. Eclat de Daum jewelry is created using unique cut pieces of crystal. The crystal necklaces, bracelets, and rings come in three colors. Eclipse de Daum is inspired by Art Deco of the 1920’s using geometric forms and the pure colors of black and white. Rose Passion is a multilayered rose of cut crystal paste. The rose is dainty and discerning. It remains timeless as a symbol of love.

Decorative Objects

Angelot Angel is a pure white sculpture of a cherub with a hand pressed lovingly against the cheek and kneeling with closed eyes. The color and light in this crystal create a peaceful ambiance.  Bookholder in shades of amber is beautifully designed to hold a book and highlight the crystal simultaneously. It is harmonious blending into office and home decor. Inspired by Paris’s famous wall of love, Daum has created crystal words of “Love” in blue, red, and ultraviolet. The crystal is fun and offers responses “Non” and “Oui” in crystal, as well.

Cleaning Crystal

Crystal is easy to clean, but must be done with care so as not to scratch or break it. A paintbrush can be used to clean any dust from its crevices. Run the crystal under warm water and air dry. To restore the vibrancy, use a small amount of petroleum jelly on a Q-tip, place it on the object and lightly rub it in with a microfiber cloth. After 24 hours, wipe off any remaining residue.

Selling the Works of Cristallerie Daum

Do you have Cristallerie Daum works that you are interested in selling, appraising, or consigning? Call Joshua Kodner today, and ensure you receive the true value of your property.