Everything you Need to Know about Selling John Matos Graffiti Art at Auction

Are you an aspiring collector looking to purchase a piece of art from legendary street artist, John Matos? Maybe you’re interested in selling your own piece of his artwork. Whatever the case may be, Joshua Kodner Galleries in West Palm Beach, Florida is the perfect place for all your art auction needs.

For four generations, Joshua Kodner Galleries have been serving individuals and organizations who are interested in buying or selling all types of fine art. This includes works by some of the most iconic graffiti artists like John Matos. Whether you are new to collecting art or an experienced veteran, our team of trusted experts can help guide you through the entire auction process.

Understanding How Auctions Work

Auctioning off artwork is a great way to get the highest possible price for your piece. It is important to understand how auctions work and what sort of factors will affect the outcome. First and foremost, an auction house like Joshua Kodner Galleries will inspect each piece before offering it up for sale. Our team of experts evaluates the condition, authenticity, and market value before giving a suggested sale price range or reserve price (the minimum amount that must be met).

The next step is determining when and where to hold the actual sale. At Joshua Kodner Galleries we offer both online and live auctions depending on what suits your needs best. Before the auction begins, potential buyers will be informed about the details via press releases, email blasts, and other forms of communication. Once everything is set in motion all that’s left is waiting to see who places the winning bid!

Buying Street Art at Auction with Joshua Kodner Galleries

When it comes time to buy graffiti art from John Matos at auction there are a few things potential buyers should keep in mind:

1) Do Your Research:

Get familiar with John Matos’s body of work so that you can better recognize authentic pieces from fake ones.

2) Check Prices:

Set a realistic budget for yourself and keep track of how much similar works by this artist have sold in the past. This will give you insight into what prices pieces typically go for which can prove useful when bidding at auctions here at Joshua Kodner Galleries.

3) Consider Provenance:

The history behind any given piece can make it more valuable so take note of where it was previously owned or exhibited if applicable as this information could help increase its worth significantly during an auction sale here at our house!

4) Talk To An Expert:

We always recommend working with one of our trusted specialists who can provide further advice on buying John Matos graffiti art at auction. They have extensive knowledge on this topic and can help ensure that you make informed decisions when purchasing artwork or putting pieces up for sale here at our house!

5) Have Fun & Enjoy Yourself!:

Remember that auctions are meant to be fun so don’t take them too seriously; just enjoy yourself and try not to stress out too much about getting a good deal as sometimes it takes time before finding something special that fits within budget constraints!

Selling Street Art with Joshua Kodner Galleries

If you are interested in selling some pieces from John Matos then we recommend following these steps:

1) Get Appraised:

Before putting any artwork up for sale take it into one of our galleries for inspection and appraisal first – this ensures that buyers know exactly what they are getting which helps prevent any potential disputes down the line!

2) Research Market Value:

Research current market values for similar pieces by artists like John Matos so that you know what kind of prices they typically sell for during auctions here at our house (this will be helpful when setting reserve prices as well).

3) Select Your Preferred Method Of Sale:

Decide whether online or live auctions would suit your needs best – both offer different benefits such as online or live auctions.

4) Contact Us to Start Selling Today

Reach out to us if there is anything else we can do such as helping with advertising campaigns or providing marketing materials – these services cost extra but can often result in higher bids being placed during an auction here at Joshua Kodner Galleries!

Selling or buying artwork from street artists like John Matos doesn’t have to be a daunting task – especially when working with experienced professionals like those found here at Joshua Kodner Galleries in West Palm Beach, Florida! Our team understands the complexities involved with selling artwork at auction which makes us uniquely qualified to handle any situation related to buying/selling this type of fine art. So don’t hesitate to contact us today if you would like more information regarding all things related to buying/selling John Matos’s artwork through our gallery.