The Lasting Charm of Paul Evan Furniture

Paul Evans is a famous American furniture designer, sculptor, and artist who made an incredible contribution to the industry in the 1970s. He studied at Cranbrook Academy of Art before moving back home, where he became one-of-a-kind with his designs that were crafted from metal rather than wood like other artists during this time period.

Evans worked for Directional Furniture before opening his design studio and showing off a new furniture series in 1981. His most famous creations are the Cityscapes pieces inspired by aircraft construction techniques. He learned this technique while working on shipyards during his youth. Since 1964 when this innovative artist started as just another designer at DFI, he was full of imagination and optimism, ready to take flight!

Paul Evan’s Success

He created several successful furniture lines. But it wasn’t until he started incorporating shipbuilding techniques that people took notice of him, with Cityscapes being one of his most successful designs, which introduced an industrial feel into residential spaces (and still stands as one). After 10 years of designing for other companies under their respective brands like Life House or Nautilus Machine Co., Evans opened his own showroom where customers could purchase custom-made pieces.

The lasting appeal of Paul Evan

Evans’ work was forgotten for a few years after his death, but soon it became clear that the designs of this important designer would be remembered and worth something. Cityscape pieces seem to have been most popular among collectors so far.

The pieces created by Evans are unique and worth every penny. Even though they’re heavy, challenging to move around in your home or office space, and take up a lot of room, but it’s a beautiful piece of art.

Cityscape Furniture Design

The Cityscape Furniture may be one example of the many exciting designs by Paul Evan. Each piece is handmade with attention paid not only towards shape but also coloration: ranging from bright shades such as blue jay feathers mixed into white faux fur seats down to more traditional tones like black leather cushions against brown wooden frames, making each individual item stand out just enough so that its beauty can’t escape notice.

Evans’ combination of handcraft and technology foreshadowed the limited-edition art furniture today. His Brutalist-inspired sculptures distinguish him from other designers, with a signature touch to every piece he made; all are also signed by date for added measure against authenticity.

Why you should own a Paul Evan Furniture

The works created in this period were more than just something you could buy – they became an experience between artist and viewer alike. With their transcendent qualities, these furniture pieces defy what everyday objects look like while still making them durable enough to avoid damage during transit or installation at your home.

The demand for Evans’s work has grown exponentially in recent years, and it is among the most collectible designs today. In fact, celebrities like Gwen Stefani or Lenny Kravitz are avid collectors who purchase his pieces at auction and go on sale for more than $250,000 at auction.

Paul Evan Furniture at Joshua Kodner Gallery

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