The Phases of High-End Sales

Did you know, that when you are preparing for auction selling in Fort Lauderdale, there are a series of distinct steps which you need to take to prepare? Successfully preparing for the event, as well as successfully preparing the art is only part of the process of what is involved. It is important you understand these phases and complete each one prior to arriving at the auction or prior to participating in the sale.

Arrange a Valuation

When you decide you would like to sell your item, you need to find out how much it is worth in order to be able to know how much to expect at an event, or how much to ask for when you put it on the market. This is determined using a valuation. Valuations are performed by certified evaluators who have education and knowledge surrounding the history and value of art, the depreciation considerations, current market trends and values and much more.

Choose a Sale Option

After the valuation, the evaluator will be able to offer you the best advice on where you should plan to sell your piece. In some cases, auctions aren’t the best option, and it is advisable to try to take the piece on the market privately, to offer it to a particular museum or gallery, or to wait for a special event which is catered more towards the style of piece you have and will fetch you a better price. Whatever the case, listen to the experts and make your decision carefully.

Sign Documents

Whatever the option is that you choose in terms of putting your piece on the market, you will be required to sign some documents to support this decision and to indicate you are willing to conform to the conditions of sale. These terms and conditions change for each marketplace, but legally binding documents are always advised for the benefits of both parties.

Finalize Sales

In many cases, for a lot of people, the piece is not sold by the current owner directly but instead is left in the hands of an agent to handle all the affairs with marketing the piece and getting appropriate funds in return. Once the agent has sold the piece, sales are finalized and you can expect to receive a call or email detailing specifics about commission payment and then transferring the sale money. Typically before this stage, owners have arranged the details of this process with their agent or representative, and have given the green light to proceed on the market with the art piece.

While the process may seem daunting for a first-timer, with the right support and a bit of practice you will soon find yourself happily immersed in the life of collecting art and attending regular events for it to go on sale and for you to acquire more!