Breaking Down Myths About Art Auctions

If you are new to selling at auctions in Dania Beach, you may be intimidated by the process, unsure of how it works, and have no idea what to expect when it comes to offering art for sale. And while this is completely normal, there is also a chance that much of what you are intimidated by or have heard is myths about the art auctioning process and that you may have some inaccurate information that you are harboring. Let’s get to the bottom of it and break through any of the myths you may have.

They are only open to the wealthy

Anybody who has art they want to put on sale is welcome to sell it through an auction process. It is true that different art is sold more effectively through different means, and that not all art does well going through the bidding process. When you reach out to an agency to have your art valued and learn about what you can expect to receive as a payment for it, your agent should be able to recommend to you the best way of selling your art and what will likely fetch you the best price and the ideal buyer.

It is a hostile environment

Like any bidding environment, many people assume it is not a nice place to be, and that bidders get nasty, angry and hostile! While this, of course, is always a possibility, most of the time, it is certainly not the case. In fact, when art is concerned, individuals are often very like-minded and of the same philosophies, and no matter who gets the art in the end, there is happiness surrounding the fact that it gets to be shared and enjoyed.

You get ripped off

Before you show up to purchase art, no matter where you are making your purchase, it is important to do your research. Anyone can get ripped off in an online purchase if you not educated on the item or process. Look into the sale before you attend and find out what the pieces are that will be on offer. From there, you should look up things such as the artist and their history, what previous pieces have sold for, editions of the art and what editions are currently available. All of these things will play a role in what the price point is, and when you know the answer ahead of time, you will be far less likely to be ripped off during the event.

Going to an art sale is fun and you can learn a lot, not to mention meet new people and gain further insight into the industry. Just make sure to do your research before you show up!