The Need to Know on Buying Jewelry at High-End Sales

Those who show up selling at auction in Fort Lauderdale, whether it is jewelry, art or antiques, already likely know a fair amount about the piece they are offering, the process involved, that the fine details about payment, commission, and any other fees. For others, however, who may be new to the process or who are not sure what to expect, it pays to have a little bit of insight going in. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Know the Piece

Whether it is the artist, the piece itself, the edition, or the history, there are many factors that come into play in determining the specifics of a piece of jewelry that is for sale. These factors influence the location where the item is likely to be sold, the price point, what you can expect the quality to be, uniqueness and much more. Before you go to the sale, be sure to do your research: look into what will be there for sale, what the costs are and any other pertinent information, including edition or historical significance.

Take Advantage

Purchasing jewelry at a specialized sale offers many advantages. The pieces there are often unique, and one of a kind. There are professionals in the field running the event or present at the event, and as such, you can ask them questions or enquire further about the jewelry that is for sale. It is a great opportunity to snag a bargain price for items, and you have the ability to purchase incredibly high-quality items that are hard to find elsewhere.

Familiarize the Process

While doing research is important, the other thing to do ahead of time is to familiarize yourself with the process of how the event works. Learn about the process of registering if necessary, or if you can simply show up. Learn about how it works to place a bid, and then to continue bidding, as well as how the final procedure works if you are the successful bidder. From there, you should know what the additional fees are on top of the cost of the item you are purchasing as well as specifications for payment method and period. While it is fine to show up as a newcomer on the scene and learn from others, you want to avoid putting yourself into any costly situation that ends up having a negative impact on your experience.

Before you attend your first sale or purchase jewelry or art at an auction, attend one or two as an observer to get the hang out of it. From there, do your research, know what pieces and items you would like to buy and enjoy your time!