Buying Le Pho Art at Auction: Everything You Need to Know About Art and Online Auctions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying or Selling Le Pho Art at Online Auctions 

Have you come across the artist Le Pho before? Maybe you’re a fan of art or maybe you’ve come across one of his paintings at an estate sale and you’re wondering how to go about having it appraised and sold. Fortunately for you, Joshua Kodner is a fourth-generation gemologist, certified appraiser, and licensed auctioneer based in Dania Beach and serving Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and beyond through our extensive online auction platform. We can help you better understand how much your Le Pho piece is worth and facilitate the process of selling it at auction. 

Who Was Le Pho?

Le Pho (Lê Phổ) was a famous French-Vietnamese painter best known for the three distinct art styles that marked important milestones in his artistic career and personal life; beginning in Hanoi, then Paris (Romanet period), and finally in America (Findlay period). He was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1907 before attending art school in Paris in the 1930s. Le Pho would go on to show his works in galleries across Europe and the United States. Many in the art world consider Le Pho’s ability to create art in different styles throughout his life as a testament to his versatility as an artist. 

What Are the Most Sought After Le Pho Pieces? 

All of Le Pho’s art is sought after by collectors; however, his most recognizable pieces come from what is known as his Findlay Period, named for the gallery owner Wally Findlay who helped propel Le Pho into fame in the United States. In this era, Le Pho created many oil paintings that featured Vietnamese women surrounded by flowers and bright landscapes. This era spanned from the mid to late 1960s until the end of his life in 2001. 

Does Art Sell Well At Online Auctions? 

Online auction houses have made buying and selling art online easy and secure for all parties involved. At Joshua Kodner Galleries we have various Le Pho paintings for sale at auction by sellers that have been verified. Le Pho paintings can sell for tens of thousands of dollars depending on their authentication and condition. 

How to Verify a Real Le Pho (or Any) Painting

The best way to verify a painting, Le Pho or other, is to have the piece authenticated and appraised by a reputable expert. Generally speaking, authentic art pieces will come with a form of provenance such as a signed certificate of authenticity. This authentication should contain information about the piece’s dimensions, the date it was made, and its title. The more information you know about the piece, the better off you will be. 

Buy or Sell Art With Joshua Kodner Galleries in Florida 

If you have an art piece that you would like to sell, Joshua Kodner can help. As a certified appraiser, a licensed auctioneer, and a fourth-generation gemologist, he can provide accurate appraisals of a wide range of items including Le Pho pieces. Join our next auction today.