Enigmatic Monumental Sculptors by Rabarama

Enigmatic Monumental Sculptors by Rabarama

The Art of Rabarama

Rabarama’s intense sculptures present the importance & value of the body to the human creature tackling messages of human emotion, identity & the genetic code. Her art carries a bold presentation that expresses both the anguish & triumph of the human experience. A plethora of constantly changing hieroglyphics, letters & symbols cover Rambarama’s graceful figures that relate to the ideals of the ego & our singular-plural identity. Her artwork strikes thoughtful, intimate positions that challenge the balance of the human body & mind. Rambarama’s art includes works of terracotta, painted bronze, marble, glass & rare stones. In addition, resin inclusions & exquisite jewelry accompany her numerous paintings & serigraphs. For the latest updates & information, follow the Joshua Kodner Galleries blog for insightful inquiries.

The Biological Program

Paola Epifanim, or Rabarama, is an Italian contemporary artist with a focus on the art of sculpture since early childhood. Born in Rome in 1969, Rabarama was the daughter of an artist & excelled in her eventual creative education. Rabarama attended the Arts High School in Treviso & later, the Venice Academy of Fine Arts – where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1991. Afterward, Rabarama engrossed herself in numerous local & international sculpture competitions that built both critical & public praise for her art. Once comfortable with her artistic vision, the end of the 2010 decade saw her work mature from the art standard with a newfound interest in DNA & the human genome. Rabarama’s work adopted a new intention of capturing the relentless struggle of each individual to free themselves from the paradoxical labyrinth of human existence. Her new perspective demonstrated the predestination of man & elevated her eloquent sculptures to powerful heights.

A Temple of Harmony

Rabaram’s literary work “The Skin Art Manifesto” helps uncover the significance behind her eccentric work & delivers a message of earthly connection only achievable through the physical body. Her sculptures are a statement of the deep relationships crafted from the boundaries of the skin, which she believes is the part of the body that links us with others & elements of nature. Many sculptures communicate the need for one’s own comfort & the value of communal support to bring balance to the individual. As stated in her manifesto, “The body is the living temple of harmony, of beauty, vitality, and certainly also the site of the clash with everything that wants to deny its importance and its very existence.”

The Chains of Language

The meaning of the human skin & body is not the only basis of Rabarma’s unique sculptures. Her artwork often displays an ever-changing collection of glyphs, runes & symbols that cloak the intricate terracotta figures. The infinite combinations translate the complexity of the human condition & the mental limitations of language. This visualization of the inward maze follows behind the concepts of philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, which further solidifies that the “I” does not exist without the “we”. While direct emblems & characters are absent on several of her sculptures, Rabarama treats the skin as a sophisticated canvas in the delivery of deeper messages through position, shape & color. Rabarama’s sculptures convey that when language restricts expression, the skin is the true communicator of the heart.

“The Total Culture of Our Time”

Rambarama’s accomplishments have awarded her inclusion in the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011 where she exhibited her monumental Carrara marble work, Abbandono. Various capitals across the world including Shanghai, Florence, Paris & Cannes have revealed her work internationally. To promote the artform of artistic body painting, the Rabarama skin art festival was held in 2014 & continues to operate from May to October each year in Merano, Italy. The Municipality of Vallo Della Lucania awarded Rabarama victor of the international competition in 2015. Afterward, she crafted her largest marble structure, Leud, which currently marks the center of Vallo Della Lucania, Italy. In the last decade, Rambarama has provided work for the Italian Fine Art Gallery in Positano, Italy, the SimonBart Gallery located at Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Italy, Biennale of Vught by Van Loon Galleries in the Netherlands & the Biennale of Art in Asolo, Italy.

International Collaboration

Other artists have presented in collaboration with many of Rambarama’s works, such as her partnership & cooperation with the entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil. These alliance exhibitions include the addition of body paint performers, acrobats & dancers. Incorporation of video projections, lights & sound is sometimes featured to further express the exciting nature of her art. At this time, Rabarama lives & operates out of Padua, Italy. She oversees her own career & organizes international collaborations with notable art galleries in England, Turkey, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, France & the United States.

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