Why You Should Only Purchase Gia Certified Diamonds

What is GIA Diamond Certification

When you walk into an auction house, a pawn shop, or to an estate jewelry buyer, they will almost certainly ask you if the diamonds are certified. What they really mean by this is, are the diamonds GIA certified?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the leading authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. Though GIA does not necessarily certify diamonds, they do analyze and create a report that outlines the rigorous standards to determine a stone’s quality. This report is what is commonly referred to as certified although the more accurate term would be “GIA Diamond Report.”

This report outlines the quality of your diamonds, colored stones, and pearls which gives buyers the added assurance they are purchasing the real deal.

Is It Worth It to Have Diamonds Examined By GIA?

When it comes to selling you diamonds or colored stones at auction or through an estate jewelry seller, having paperwork to verify the authenticity and quality of your diamonds is definitely worth it. Without this documentation, the buyer has no way to know what the true value of the precious stone is. In many cases it can protect both parties from overpaying or undervaluing a diamond that has an inaccurate rating or no rating at all.

Will GIA Diamond Certification Help Me Resell My Stone?

For the purpose of this article, when we say “resale value,” we are not referring to the exact price of a diamond on the second-hand market as there are too many variables to consider. However, when it comes to selling your diamond, either at auction or through a private-party sale, it is important to consider how likely you are to find a purchaser who is willing to pay what your stone is actually worth. The best way to do this is to have the necessary documentation to show that your stone is real as well as providing more information about the stone. This is where the certification comes in handy.

Rather than asking buyers to trust you, you can present your certification as proof of your stone’s quality, increasing the chances that your stone will retain its resale value.

Selling Diamonds and Colored Stones at Online Auctions

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